2020 Annual Exhibition

Title of the 2020 Exhibition


Title of the 2020 Exhibition is a…

Explain briefly what the exhibition entails in a short paragraph that is geared towards copy/paste for media and potential donors.

Schedule is available here. Opt for printable version as well as potentially an inline version.

Media Relations can be accessed here. Offer email address on this page and on Media page for further questions. Media Page contains official print release, sign up for a private media-only tour, and all additional media-related questions. If would be prudent to speak with an editor/writer who covers this area and ask (in advance) what content needs to be included.

Education Relations can be accessed here. Offer email address on this page and on Education page for further questions. Education page contains official educational thesis/summary of the exhibition, school groups of 10+ can sign up for a private tour, and all additional education-related questions. It would be prudent to speak with several teachers, principals, and art teachers (both secondary, post secondary) to consider what information they would require.

A list of hotels near the exhibit should be listed under Lodging & Hotels.

A map of the location/address and inclusive transportation directions. Vehicle, train, metro, bus, etc.

A notice that this exhibition is handicap accessible, family friendly, and a sensory room is accessible. ? Sensory room? I want one in there for MY kids and MYSELF.

Welcome families! A brief overview of this exhibition in relation to small children, strollers, etc. Basically you are more than welcome to bring children, they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times, strollers are permitted (path of wheelchairs), and enjoy. Here are some talking points to have with children about art and this specific visit.

Rules about bags, food & beverages, photography and videography, and such.

An email sign up to receive updates solely for this event.

A donation link is acceptable at the very end.


Note to myself,

A ‘visual branding’ of the event should be me in front of the work with the title/opening date. Put it in logo form/png form/HiRes jpg form.

This month-long September exhibition should run daily for tours, open in the evenings during specific hours, and open on weekends.

Marketing for this exhibition should be wide-spread. All of the quad-state area. Passive advertising on social media advertising, billboard advertising, newspaper advertisements and announcements, etc. Direct advertising through printed invitations to individuals/local schools and colleges/local organizations/local retirement homes/prominent individuals locally, all the local artists, halfway houses & Brook Lane eating disorder group, and so forth. Interactive marketing would be pre-exhibit interviews (media tour/interviews), radio interviews, podcast interviews, etc.

Staffing will be required: 2 assistants, 1-2 guards, i videographer, 1-4 photographers, 1 counter for each day we have public hours, 1-2 gift shop assistants?

Documentation (a mini-documentary about the series) should include:

Early ideas, notes, and the beginning of this brainchild.

Finding and renting the facility (1 year lease), videotaped.

The materials, notes about the materials, video of materials being delivered/carried/etc.

Installing the space, time lapse perhaps, details of the work, etc.

Media Tours.

Opening night: time lapse guests, me mingling and shaking hands and hugging friends, about 30 impromptu interviews with attendees, me at the end (perhaps even hiding or sitting on a stairwell) exhausted but happy.

The Afterparty: artists & guests of artists only. Celebrating the artist and the art! Toast? Cake? Dancing! Laughter! Drinking! (this portion won’t be included in the documentary- use it for a special features piece)

The educational tours: list of all the participating schools, list how many students attended, (release forms signed) mini interviews of about 50 kids who attended the exhibit, interviews with teachers who attended the exhibit, video of me talking with children about the work, etc.

A quiet summary of the exhibition (numbers, choosing a local space and impacts on the local economy, how work was recycled post-exhibition, and pulling it all back to how my work is about connections and disconnections).

Documentary-style with interviews of me, of attendees, video footage, etc.

Uploaded to website, shared on all social media platforms, shared/tagged directly with all individuals included in documentary, and wrapped up.

Wrap-up: me finalize the tours, interviews, etc. Exhibition torn down/recycled. And me + kids go away for a bit to combat the post-show artist slump.