Narratives, notes, diary entries, and all things written by contemporary American artist Beck Metzbower, an East-Coast mom of three, lover of Oreos (with organic peanut butter!), and obsessive-extraordinaire of all things texture.

My Current Artist Statement

My Current Artist Statement (2019) is a poetic response to the standard ‘artists statement’ request, an expectation of a formal and plain explanation of ones’ artistic work, both process and outcome. My Current Artist Statement is a layering of information hidden within the written piece, just as artist statements are hidden with the abstract paintings.

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12 Artists + Their Art is a piece brining light to the wonderful artists, filmmakers, authors, and activists who are using their specific artistic skills to shed la creative light on climate change.

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The Porphura Period, a collection of notes

The Porphura Period, a body of violet and purple art, read the collection of selected notes from the artist.

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"Restricting a museum to one specific gender seems a bit.... sexist." a female artist's viewpoint on exclusive art spaces, by Beck Metzbower, American contemporary artist.

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