Narratives, notes, diary entries, and all things written by contemporary American artist Beck Metzbower, an East-Coast mom of three, lover of Oreos (with organic peanut butter!), and obsessive-extraordinaire of all things texture.


It’s that time again: summer.

Which means my annual art camps for kids are underway! If you are just meeting me, let me give you the cliffnotes on these annual art camps! About 5 years ago, I began offering free summer art camps to local children in response to seeing the need for art for children, structure for the summer months, and confidence-building activities for these creative youths.

My BIGGEST concern was affordability for the parents in my community. The location I initially starting hosting art camps in had a great arts district… but children’s art camps simply weren’t affordable for the majority of the families. Families with multiple children couldn’t afford to send everyone- so many families opted out entirely. As a single mother of 3- I understood all too well. So I created an art camp that was free. That’s right- completely free. I eventually allowed donations (and thank you to all the patrons/parents who nudged me into accepting donations for this specific programming!) and I was amazed that my community really pulled together and came through for each other.

Fast-forward 5 years and we’re at it again! Except this year I have a new addition to the schedule: Adult Art Camp. Yep, you read that correctly. I began seeing another trend these past five years: the need for creative opportunities for adults. This wasn’t so much of a want as it was a need- the majority of Americans suffer from depression or anxiety - or both! Our routines leave little to no time for creativity, confidence-building activities, or social opportunities. But every single adult that I approached with the idea of a free, time-condensed art camp experience literally jumped at the chance! I think that we, as adults, sometimes forget to feed our creativity, nurture our friendships, and carve out time for ourselves. 2019 Adult Art Camp aims to tackle these issues and give adults an opportunity to grow!

I will write a blog update at the end of summer with the outcome of this new endeavor! Filled with lots of pictures and feedback! Thank you so much to every single person for supporting these art camps, these artists, and investing back into their communities!

XO + Beck