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I compiled a list of art and art-related books that I recommend. Here are the five that I highly recommend:


The Diary of Frida Kahlo, an intimate self-portrait, 1995 Frida Kahlo

I have this book on my shelf and I've read and reread it. I felt guilty at first- reading her private diary that was published for the whole world to see... but any guilt was washed away by the painstaking details that comprise this masterpiece. The diary itself is probably one of her best pieces of work- literary, bilingual, and art all cohesive through emotion and plot. Oh! You just have to read it and see it for yourself.

Art & Fear, Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of ARTMAKING, 1994 David Bayles & Ted Orland

Originally, this book was a college assignment. But I quickly realized that it was a pretty handy book for artists- especially new artists. I really does delve into the fear aspect of being an artist and it guides you a bit into mastering and overcoming those fears.

The Brilliant History of Color in Art, 2014 Victoria Finlay

If you're like me- you crave the deeper knowledge. That's why this amazing book on the origins of color (and subsequently color theory) is a book that will make you that much smarter in terms of color.

A MUSEUM OF THEIR OWN, National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2008 Wilhelmina Cole Holladay

I won't give anything away: but this book on the National Museum of Woman in the Arts (museum located in D.C.) is such a wealth of knowledge. Worth every penny.

HERE, 2014 Richard McGuire

I'm not gonna lie- this book messed me up the first time I 'read' it. I wasn't expecting it at all. I did the whole book easily four times in one day. It is simply profound. A must 'read'.

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.
— J. Rohn

There you have it: five easy-to-read books about art. Literacy and old fashioned written, printed, laced and hard-bound books hold a special place in my world. I believe that reading cultivates intelligence, patience, and self-awareness. I support institutions like public libraries, private libraries, secondary education libraries, book stores (especially the rare privately owned ones!), authors, and reading in general. Holding a book and reading it takes patience and discipline. It’s a dying skill and it’s something technology can’t quite replace. So, I encourage you to support the written arts and feed your mind with books.