Write to the artist at: Beck Metzbower PO BOX 638, Williamsport MD 21795

Write to the artist at: Beck Metzbower PO BOX 638, Williamsport MD 21795


Beck Metzbower’s latest art period, SABBA(TECH)ALISM is…

A response to the challenges faced by the artist and her peers regarding personal relationships, live vs. digital interaction, and technology. SABBA(TECH)ALISM is a sabbatical from technology. During this period of time, the artist will continue to create art in her private studio, refrain from human interaction via technology, and pursue real-life connections and relationships.

Over the past two decades, I’ve watched myself and my communities slowly detach from reality and exchange our physical, mental, and emotional presence for a digital proxy. We are technologically oversaturated, overstimulated, and overwhelmed. Our moods and reactions to real-life human interaction evidence that; by connecting to technology- we are somehow disconnecting from each other. I aim to explore this topic in ‘Sabba(tech)alism.

The artist encourages you to communicate with her via the postal system and IRL. (Address in above image caption) Due to the public nature of this project, all mail must include a valid return address and is safety checked in advance by the United States Postal Service. Any communication that includes illegal, hazardous, abusive, intent to alarm, verbal or nonverbal threats, obscene language or images, or harassing materials will be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of Federal and State Law, Maryland law, State Codes § 3-802, § 3-803, § 3-804, § 3-805, § 3-903.

I prepared in advance for this period of art-making by contacting my community and pre-arranging coffee dates, get-togethers, weekly brunches, luncheons, and dinners, and arranging to meet up at live events in person. I went a step further and asked all companies, organizations, and colleagues to communicate with me directly, either in writing or by scheduling a face-to-face meeting. The feeling of disengaging from technology feels something akin to rowing a boat out past the waves and looking back at the shore. I’m excited to see what unfolds.”

At the completion of SABBA(TECH)ALISM, the artist will exhibit work made during SABBA(TECH)ALISM and give an interview on the project and its social and artistic outcomes.

Sabba(tech)alism runs September 14th through November 14th, 2019.